I've got well into alternate bass style fingerpicking of late and am in desparate need of some nice material to learn, I'd class myself as an intermediate player, any suggestions greatly received. Ta MB
Can you give an example of what you mean by "alternate bass style fingerpicking"? I'd like to help as I may be familiar with some good examples but I just want to clarify that its the stuff you're after.
As near as I can describe would be Chet Atkins, I 've written mostly my own stuff in this style because I can't find anything new to learn. I also learned a version of the entertainer (Scott joplin) that i greatly enjoyed, I understand theres alot of metal style stuff using aternate picking. Thats not really what I'm after. ta
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try livin on a prayer by tommy emmanuel. its really good for thumb picking independence

cheers man I love tommy!!