sweet cover.....Muse is quickley my new favorite band and I know they have been around a while but it's new to me..is that prs your playing?
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sweet cover.....Muse is quickley my new favorite band and I know they have been around a while but it's new to me..is that prs your playing?

Hey, thanks a lot for watching!
I'm playing a Spear Claymore, plugged into my Zoom G9.2tt guitar effects pedal, then into the computer.

I'm like you, and have only just gotten into muse, but man... are they awesome or what?
Thanks again for the critique champ =]

The cover you've got here is absolutely phenomenal; I wasn't expecting a full band!
I'm loving the keyboard patch during the Interlude at the start; such a fantastic tone, and every note segues so perfectly into the next. What model of keyboard is it, if you don't mind me asking?
When the band comes in - well, wow! The bass tone is chunky as hell - very akin to the original song - and the timing's very tight throughout the whole clip.
And my god dude, your intonation in that intro riff is staggering; very clean stuff! I struggle with intonation a lot of the time when bending, and considering how quickly the riff changes from octaves to bends, I'm totally impressed by how clean it all is - very nice work!
The vocalist? Incredible. Fantastic pitching, and an amazing tone; you've snagged a great one, be sure to let him know What sort of filters or effects were used on the vocals?

From the heavier riff on, you're on fire; the riff's tight, the double-picked lead is wickedly clean, and your bending's still blowing me away (and I mean that sincerely; your intonation and natural tone is ridiculously professional).
And so the drummer gets love too, kudos for not flinging the sticks, and for keeping a solid groove throughout.

It's a fantastic cover, so congratulate the guys for me. Be sure to let me know when you get more up, and I'll check out your band's page tomorrow.

Wow, Those vocals knocked me off my feet... I wasn't expecting anything like that. Good job.

The bass had a little bit too much fuzz for my taste, and I think your guitar tone could have been a bit more on the high end. Try either turning up the treble or switching to your bridge pickup. Anyway, you played the intro flawlessly and the Rhythm section made this sound really professional in my opinion.

Also, Is it just me or does your singer look incredibly like a young David Gilmour?
I enjoyed that very much. Looking forward to more.
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That was an absolutely dirty cover... I don't really like Muse but that was incredible. The video editing is really slick. I wish it were more of a picture, less like squares on a black board but more like a collage though. All of you guys are legit at your instruments, very cohesive sound, especially for an online band.

Excellent. Simply excellent.


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yea man they are kick ass have yet to hear one song of theres that isn't awesomeness....I am currentley on the way of raising money to get the smaller version of that pedal the 7.2 thing.....can't wait
p.s. *Noticing the lack of any decent crit in my last post* I know the old "if it ain't broke..." paradigm but it would be nice to see a bit more of your own personalities coming across. There was a bit of this in the guitar solo but it would've been great to make more of this. Muse are awesome but we only need one! Also, the vocals sound sweet but even if they're really suited to this song, I reckon a bit more individuality - maybe breaking up the rhythm, ad-libbing a bit or just generally singing it a bit differently to Matt Bellamy - would really showcase your talents better.
Anyway, fantastic job, just add more flair.

Peace & Whiskey,

Thanks for your feedback 'TheOrangePeril'. I guess we never really thought about adding our own 'twist' to the covers... but that's a nice idea from you
Maybe we could interpret the songs our own unique way, that would be fun!

I've forwarded this thread to the rest of the guys, so we'll see what they have to say to all of these great comments!