Hey, I'm going to be playing in a band with my school, and they use sheet music, now i can read the treble clef well so understand how it works with flats and sharps etc. and i learnt what the lines and spaces on the staff are on the bass clef.

The only thing is i would like to be able to practise reading some bass music before trying it with the band, so does anyone know where i can get any sheet music for fairly simple bass songs to practise reading bass music?

TLDR free websites for bass music anyone?
Grab some piano music, which you can find in abundance. Same key instrument, so you can play straight off if it.
Buy simandl's method book. If nothing else youll have 100's of excersis's(sp?) in the bass clef.
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Bass and trombone shares the same clef. You can find a lot of free music sheets online.
You can read off of trombone, euphonium, and tuba (if you can transpose and read at the same time).