Gotta say I loved the extended solo thing. Went well with the rest of the song without feeling forced. Great job.
The guitar work is great, but for some reason it sounds very full of treble. Did you record this at a loud volume and then crank everything up for the final recording? I've found that to be the cause of extreme treble in some of my recordings.

I love the bend at 2:25, and the intro into the solo was also very good. Sounds like there may have been a few bad bends in there between the 4:00-4:07 mark, but the rest sounded great, and I must say, a very good job on coming up with your own solo...sounded great all in all.

You also threw in some very nice pinch harmonics right after the solo, but your improvisation got a little bit off key around the 4:50 mark all the way to the end.

If you rework the end, I'd give it a solid 9/10.

Good job!
Quote by DarthJoe

If you rework the end, I'd give it a solid 9/10.

Good job!

Thanks for the feedback! the end solo i recorded with a pretty crappy guitar. I tried to learn it and record it with a better one but it really lost its feeling that way. it is completely improvised, so it lost its "reallness" and flow. so i decided to keep this one. for example those pinch harmonics were all by accident but they worked out great. i couldnt get that if i redid it.
though im not ruling out a rework once i get a bit better since im prob going to redo the outlaw torn one i did as well. bad bends as well in the solo
but thanks much appreciated!