Background - recently rewired my jackson dinky to have a single pickup in the bridge and a single (1000k pot) volume control. Everything went smoothly, the only issue was that I had to take the prewired jack and change which wire went to which lug on it because the ground wire and hot wire were apparently wrong when using it the way I was. Anyway, that sorted all issues and it's been great ever since.

Today there was an issue though. I plugged my guitar into my amp with my friends planet wave cable and it started buzzing uncontrollably (grounding issue - it got worse when I touched the bridge)

However, when I plugged any of my other guitars into the amp using the same lead they worked fine. I presumed I'd made a mistake with the wiring and that something had gone wrong, however I then tried it with his other planet wave cable and 2 of my cables and it worked absolutely fine as did the other guitars.

What could have caused this issue and how do I fix it?

Essentially, my guitar works with all cables other than this one suggesting it is that particular cable, however that cable works with all the other guitars in the house so it's clearly a combination of that cable and my guitar. The issue is finding out what since when we switched it for another planet waves cable it didn't do it.

Why would a guitar have a grounding issue with a cable that works with other guitars if the other guitars work with that cable and the guitar works with other cables?

Any help/ speculation welcomed.


Maybe in the wiring something's getting knocked loose, and it just so happens to be when that wire had been used?

Maybe it's just Mojo, or Karma or something.