well i'm thinking of building a speaker cab and i need a little help with matching the impendance of the speakers. if the ohms aren't exactly on like say its 1.777777 would that be close enough to use for two? and also do we have like a thread on any of this? i know we have the cab building thread but it doesn't really deal with impendance.
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When I think of 2 Ohms, I have visions of flame and smoke, sizzling currents and lots of tears. Makes for an excellent stage show. LOL

There is a very good reason why most cabs are 4 or 8 Ohms. The higher the impedance, the more stable your amp will be.
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Are you trying to measure the impedance, because that can't really be done. You can measure DC resistance, but impedance changes with frequency.

Usually a speaker marked "8 ohms" has a DC resistance of about 5 or 6 ohms.

Just use Ohm's law with the impedance of your speakers to determine the impedance of your cabinet: