I work at Panera Bread in Florida. Today my boss told me that corporate bought out a franchise in New Jersey, and upon hiring over all of the employees, they had to fire 600 illegal workers (immigrants). So Panera is sending people from other stores there to fill in the gap for two weeks. They're going to fly me there, put me in a hotel room, get me a rental car, and give me Per Diem. I'm just a normal associate by the way, not even a shift supervisor. So it's really out of the blue and a very good deal on my end.

While I'm up there I want to play music on my time off. I'm going to try to book some shows in advance - as well as comedy clubs - but if things don't go too well with that I know I'm going to at least busk. So what do I need to know? Is it going to be an absolute pain to get into New York City every time I want to busk? Are there areas where it's illegal? Where do people usually busk the most? Do I want to go there, or avoid other buskers? Anything else I should know?
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Where in New Jersey? And yes, it probably will be an absolute pain to get into the city.

I'm not sure. If they need to replace 600 workers, that sounds like anywhere from twenty to thirty cafes across the state. Any store under the franchise that Panera bought out is affected, which means I could be sent to any one. Hopefully one that's close to New York or at least Philadelphia.
We're only strays.