Hey guys I just purchased some of the slash seymour duncun alcino 2 pro pickups. My guitar has room for 3 knobs. Does anyone have a layout for what wiring slash uses for his guitar. I know the gibson he uses has 4 knobs, 2 tone and 2 vols. So if someone had wiring for that I could mod it for one tone. Im moreso just looking for cap and pot values. Anyways any help is appreciated.

You don't need to mod anything. Just look for a 2 vol 1 tone diagram. you bought a seymour duncan pickup, so try the seymour duncan website. SD's website has loads of wiring diagrams for a lot of different set ups.

I think i said this on your last slash pickup thread. SD's Slash Signature pickup =/= Slash's pickup. He uses the normal Alnico IIs, the sig pups are pretty much a marketing ploy.
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Alright thanks, wasnt sure if their was different styles. Anyways I was looking on http://www.rsguitarworks.net/rsstore/index.php?cPath=45_67 What do you guys recommend for types of capacitors to use? Seymour Duncan said to use a .047 so Ill probally go with that unless you have a different opinion, but what type. Theres some paper oil bumblebee and some other stuff.

Caps are a touchy subject.

Some people think that sprague orange drops and paper and oil caps sound better, some people say there's no difference from a cheap RadioShack caps. Personally I've never been able to tell the difference and I'd just go for the most affordable ceramic disc caps I can find locally.

As for value, what SD tells you to use is good. I know Gibson usually uses 500k pots, .047 mfd for the neck tone,and .02 mfd for the bridge tone. Since you're only using 1 tone, I'd go with .047
I've decided im going to add another knob to my guitar, theres enough room to add one. So I will have 4. The SD site tells me two 500k tone pots and both 047 caps. Is that normal or should I use a different one for the bridge?

Humbuckers generally use 500k, single coils normally use 250k, the higher the value, the brighter your tone will be.

.047µF (microfarad) and .022µF both common values, the larger the value, the more possible tone cut. The type of cap doesn't really matter unless you test it with a mojometer. But caps are cheap, so try a couple different values and see which one you like best.

Volume pots should be audio.

The tone can be either, linear will give you a more... linear sweep, while audio/log pots will give you a spot of quick tone change, then a place where the tone won't change very much. After a quick Google search, I found this page which has some good insight to choosing one.