For sale:
Fender MIM Telecaster
Midnight Wine Finish
Maple Neck/Fretboard
Good condition- one small fleck of paint and a few super light scratches on the back
All original
Comes with a $80.00 Gator Case

payment options-paypal
If shipping is only around $30.00 total cost will be $420.00 shipped.

im hunting one of these atm, shame your not in aus.
i really appreciate the offer but it seems to risky to transport it that far.

thats a long way for a poor little tele to travel,

have you had experience shipping guitars before? it just scares me to spend that much money on something that could turn up with a warped or broken neck, covered in dings and scratches..

my dad used to be an aircraft maintenance engineer and he said when luggage/guitars etc, gets put in the plain they pay absolutely no attention to care and basically throw em in as fast as possible
Havnt shipped a guitar but I have shipped overseas before.if i were to ship it I would wrap it up with some bubble wrap, put it in teh case, put the case in a box and put packing peanuts in there ,then it may be safe.lol
that sounds almost safe enough hahaha

do you now how much shipping would cost from there to the Gold Coast?
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hey, i am interested, do you have any pictures of the guitar?

sent you a pm... bump.
open to trade offers..looking for jackson, ibanez, or ltds of equal price or less with cash...
Might pick this up if i sell my SG tomorrow. I'll be in touch.
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Might pick this up if i sell my SG tomorrow. I'll be in touch.