I am looking at buying a bass and have a few repairs that will need to be made. First off, the five way switch for the two pickups is malfunctioning so both all four coils are on at all times. is this an easy fix or a wiring nightmare? Also, it is missing strap buttons. Are the holes one size fits all? I am planning to put a dimarzo clip on strap on the bass anyway, so does this even matter?
don't know much about the electronics, but the strap buttons are an easy fix.
just get a flat end toothpick and cover it in wood glue. stick it in the hole for the strap button. let it dry, and screw in the new button, after you broke the top of the toothpick off.
The dimarzio strap locks come with 2 different screw sizes. If the hole is still too big use the method mentioned above