Some people just have a talent for reassuring others. They have a kind word for everyone, and know what to say (and how to say it) to make you feel better even in the worst situations.

Are you one of them? I know it's not the best community to ask, but I know there are some out there.

I'm certainly not one of those people, but I admire those who are and kind of wish I had something to say to comfort people.

Any general advice?
Thanks for any relevant replies.
I have a positive and happy outlook on life, so I do comfort and reassure others when things aren't so great for them. People won't turn to you to discuss their joys or sorrows if you are not a good listener to begin with. Good listeners make good speakers.
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I'm good at motivating people, whether it be by simply sympathizing with them or by yelling at them (yes, I had to yell at one person to get them off of pills.)
i dont really think i'm that great but some other people seem to think so, it surprises me cuz i'm pretty apathetic about most stuff
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I tend to be able to help people through problems really well. My ex calls me the most caring person she has ever met.I just have problems motivating myself at times.

Kinda off topic but they had a motivational speaker come to my school last fall and all he did was talk about how great the average 9-5er is, and talk down everyone else as a drain on society. Never seen that many pissed off people at one time.
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Randy Pausch, the head of the program that created the Alice programming software died of cancer, and in his last days, he gave one of the most motivational speaches in history. It was critically acclaimed and everyone should watch it. It isn't sad, it is quite uplifting, considering that it was made when he had weeks left to live (and he knew it, too)

Its called the Last Lecture, I'll post it here, please. Do yourself a favor and watch this, it really is wonderful.

(yes its an hour long, but trust me, this is one thing you don't want a tl;dr for, its worth it, and you'll see that about 10 minutes in)