i kissed your
nose in a fox hole
before i was born-
before they invented
cigarettes and
some small cave,
some yellow house,
we breathed quiet under
an umbrella i held-
i carried your books from
class to class and smoked
american spirits until you were
back-happenstance-i stood in
blue jeans with a slouched back
from laying rough in the long grass-
you walked up and grabbed my hand-
before i was born-
before i was,
this has happened once or more before-
before i had teeth,
before i could speak,
i think learning to breathe underwater
would be beneficial to us-we wonder where
in evolution we lost that ability-it doesn't matter,
hopelandic, dreamlandic, romantic-you said you'd
like to marry in a small chapel that we would
burn down after so no one else could ever have it-
i liked that idea, so i went off to find wood and fire;
i could think of different ways to fall asleep, i thought,
as i crawled inside the blue whale i had just bought-
you have been wondering where i've been bringing our
things-only to our new house-i hope its decorated as
you'd like-i hope the furniture brings out the color of the
walls and flesh-the wooden teeth keeps the sun out,
i plugged the blow hole with a green apple to keep the
rain away;
before you were born,
i loved you before,
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