the blueness is sideways in any somedays
that i steal your
playfulness flowers simplicity
and grind it up

the blueness is upsidown
and filth falls broadsided,
feeling how many can
maryand jim wonder
how many can us and them take.
how many has filthyness fallen,
times to go down to my up
when im sideways in any somedays,
when im sideways and so is the blueness,
i'm lower than filth
i have slime in my fingernails and
dirt inside my.
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
This is like that guy that throws paint buckets at canvas... I'm sure someone will look at this and see Jesus and the motivation they need to keep on living. For me, I look at this and see a bunch of lines thrown at a page to arrange themselves however they feel like arranging. I don't see anything useful.

Some of it was amusing... like if that guy threw paint at the canvas and it drew the outline of a penis, but I didn't find much here that wasn't an absurdist spouting a stream of consciousness.
I kinda get the image of a guy lying down and staring at the sky, thinking about how he's lower than that above him? I guess I'm not really getting the message here. It had flow, but I suppose I just don't really get what you're saying.