Bloodsoaked - "The Death of Hope" to be released in early/mid 2011 on Comatose Music.

1. Wading The Blood Pools
2. Forever Damned
3. Obsessed With Hate
4. No God
5. Consume The Flesh
6. The Death of Hope
7. Infestation
8. TBA
9. Self Mutilation (re-recorded)
10. Grinding Your Guts (re-recorded)

Well there it is, the Brand New Cover Art and Track Listing. I still have one more song to write as you can see by the TBA listing for song 8. The two re-recorded songs are my two favorite songs from the first CD that I feel deserve a much better production.

I have been writing the entire new CD with Brent Williams, the drummer for Atrocious Abnormality. Brent has sparked new blood in the writing process as will be very evident once the recording is complete. At this time it is still un-clear if I will record with Brent or stick with the programmed drums. Shane McFee is still programming my live drums as he did on the last BLOODSOAKED album "Sadistic Deeds Grotesque Memories".

The cover art for the new CD was done by Jumali Katani, the complete layout will be done by Steve/Comatose Music.

I will be in the studio this Saturday September 25th recording the song "No God" so you all can get a little sneak peak at what the new BLOODSOAKED album will sound like. I will be recording the new album and this song with Jamie King at The Basement Recording Studio.