Hey all,
just curious about the HT-5 whether it would be worth it or not, considering I am not a great guitar player and am looking for and amp I can have a little fiddle with. Are there any other amps around the same price worth looking at?

Thank you
Would it be worth it or not, as opposed to what?

What are you expecting out of it and what do you play?
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The HT-5 is a nice amp. I had one and no complaints. The HT-5 is particularly good as a pedal platform. The loop has both instrument and line levels, which make it extremely useful for putting pedals in the loop. It's an ideal amp if you want to use a looper pedal.

But I think the Fender Super Champ XD is a better value, sounds as good, and has more versatility. In my case I have two SCXD amps and sold my HT-5. So you can see were my vote goes.
I haven't been able to play one yet, but the videos I have seen look pretty good. I am wanting to get a smaller amp for playing at home, and this is one of the ones I am very interested in.
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The HT-5 is particularly good as a pedal platform.

I’ll agree with this, but with a caveat—it’s kind of mandatory that it be a pedal platform, because it doesn’t shine without help.