If you ever catch me online, you should know that I post them in groups, then I go back to sleep. Anyways, this one is called 'I just started college the other day'

I sit here
and all I can think
is that if I were a little taller
I would jump up to heaven
throw God in a cloth sack
bring him down here
make him live in Texas
give him a nice middle class home
make sure he can semi comfortably
support the average wife
and boring kids that he fathers
and wait to see
how long before he cries out to me
and asks why I never told him
how absolutely mundane it was
to be down there with the rest
of the almost amazingly
insignificant populous
and I would kick back on a cloud
maybe thumb through
the same couple pages of
a book by Camus
in some desperate attempt
to maintain my image
even though no one could f*cking see me
seeing as I'd be on a cloud.
I would do all of that
if I were just a little taller.
How have I never noticed any of your posts before? This piece nearly brought me to tears with its human simplicity coupled with its subtly enormous breadth. Truly a work of art.

My only critique is that the lack of punctuation made me ramble through it slightly, and I feel a piece such as this really should be read in its own sweet time. But that's hardly an issue, as the well-placed line breaks help the lack of commas.

I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for your future works. Amazing piece.