It makes it easier.

By angling your pick slightly you prevent it from moving up and down too much between your thumb and index or middle finger. This gives you slightly more control.

I've always thought of angling your pick as something you start off doing when you want to pick faster. As and when you get more proficient at picking at speed, it stops making that much of a difference.

Your mileage may vary, ofcourse.
In a way, yes. Because when you angle the pick, your pick slides through the string, but the note still rings out. However, when you do this, you lose some measure of attack, though this is outweighed by the benefits, I guess.

However, it is important to be comfortable when you're angling the pick. So don't force a 45 degrees angle (Like how Paul Gilbert does it.) if you're not comfortable with that. Make sure to also ensure your wrist is straight, and that you're not putting your wrist in an awkward position just so you can angle the pick.

Edit: By the way, pick angling facilitates economy picking because you don't have to pick as hard. It works for alternate picking too, though, if I'm not wrong.
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yeah , I realise the sound isnt as apparent when I angle is.
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yeah , I realise the sound isnt as apparent when I angle is.

Which reminds me!

Depending on how much you angle your pick, the tone changes.
But I also realise most people dont slant their pick when picking.
Yes, you should angle your pick. The way you tremolo pick is the way you should ALWAYS pick regardless of how fast or slow you're going. And you only loose attack when you angle your pick if you're using a shitty pick. If you use a jazz 3 type pick with the pointed tip, there is no loss of attack at all.
i dont angle my pick as such, it remain, perpendicular to the body but i rotate it so it slides over the strings when picking both ways
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The way you tremolo pick is the way you should ALWAYS pick regardless of how fast or slow you're going. \

I don't agree with this.

I believe in being able to change how you hold the pick depending on what you're playing; if you watch guys like Hendrix and SRV, they do it all the time; I do it to the point that it's subconscious.

I guess if all you're doing is shredding the entire time or playing speed metal, then it's probably best to hold it the same way all the time, but otherwise, I disagree.
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A bit of an angle deffinatey helps, but once you reach a certain point the angle will cause the pick to grab the strings, thus slowing you down. Watch some old videos of Malmsteen in his prime. He picks near perpendicular, maybe 10 to 10 degree angle in the way he holds his pick, which I find the best way to hold a pick, in the way of both comfort and playability
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I slant my pick when I play fast. I gives me more control over it, and I can just play more consistent.
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