my SG has got the custom shop logo on it. How "custom" is it/other guitars with the same logo? Are they limited run or something?

Its a g-400 1965. i havnt seen any others like it by the way
limited run and MIK.

Not this \/

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I think the Epi "Custom Shop" guitars are like the Les Paul Customs from Gibson, only cheaper and produced at lower quality levels. They're not bad, same wood types and hardware as the Standard and Studio, though.

I know there was a limited edition G-400 with a Maestro trem, is that the one you have?
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limited run and MIK.

Not this \/

No !

There is no Epi Custom-Shop, nowhere!

It's just a sticker, used on limited run models

they are produced at every plant, Epi currently makes guitars,

including Indonesia.