Alright you Pit Monkeys, Noobs, Old timers, mid timers.... and f*ckin Kensai.

Now is your time to talk, hype and prepare for this coming season of College Basketball. You can talk about incoming recruit prospects or to talk about the good ol times and Games to remember. Some of you may only watch and participate in MARCH MADNESS, while others watch EVERY Single regular season game they can get their greasy hands on.

Whether You're a Die hard fan of the game and root for the best g0dd@mn conference in the nation (ACC!).

Or You worship the Devil, love to cheat, and support scum of the Earth (Duke/*UK) (Just kidding, )

All are welcome here.

I personally Support Whole heartedly the best team in the Nation.... UNC And before all you hater's jump on the ABC bandwagon and talk about last year, remember we won 2 National championships in the last 6 years... So

To start off, Duke is coming off of a national championship season, returning their prized Kyle Singler.... But he just had surgery... and I think everyone here literally hates Duke. though I will give Coach K props.... Its taken him 30 years, but pulling out 4 titles is no easy task.

Our top 10 in Recruiting for this season are:

1. Kentucky (UK: not to be confused with United Kingdom) Also they'll recruit ANYBODY
2. Memphis (Still pulling in some good talent even though their coach left for *UK)
3. Ohio State (Buckeyes....)
4. North Carolina (WOOT! Harrison Barnes is gonna Molliwop the competition)
5. North Carolina State (this is good for them, but they need a new coach.... BAD)
6. Missouri
7. Syracuse
8. Duke
9. Tennessee (LULZ Recruiting Violations)
10. Michigan State

So........ DISCUSS!
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