You've obviously put a lot of work into this and it shows.
A very good track indeed.
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Hella trippy stuff, I would seriously like this if it were recorded (not too clean and shiny though)

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Thank you both =). It should be recorded towards the end of the year for a project I'm working on
Woah man. This shit is the bomb, seriously really cool stuff. I'm a big fan of any kind of extreme metal that sounds original and really cohesive and to me this really comes off as the best of that, it has its own identity, while still being listenable by most extreme metal fans where they could get a sense of familiarity within it.

It's got this very modern feel to it, with semi "breakdown" type rhythms and accentuation on root notes and bass like in the first riff, without coming off as incredibly cliche, so it won't alienate modern metal fans yet it doesn't sound like anything in particular, it's not a copycat type of sound.

First riff is very straightforward, starts of with a solid pulse and the breaks in bass drum kind of give a nice, intro type of feeling to it.

Second riff transitions well yet isn't exactly, how can I say, you don't expect it but it sounds good, so that's perfect.

Those slides at bar 19 man, killer. Probably the coolest sounding thing in the song to me really. First issue comes with this riff though, you repeat the idea for way too long in the same format (drums change but in my opinion it doesn't really make the riff better, since it's too long).

Riff at 34 again, kick ass riff, really dig the feel of it.

Riff at 42 you don't expect the 3/4 but it flows extremely well, so it works and it gives a nice change for the mind to assimilate before throwing you in for another loop with the ambient part.

The part at 60 I don't really like the chords man, I will give benefit of the doubt that the effect is cause by Guitar Pro accentuating notes much more than an actual amp and guitar so the dissonance really sticks out much more than it would on a real instrument, I know midi has the habit of making stuff too blatantly clear sometimes and it makes the dissonance droning and drilling to the ears, it's tiresome.

Next part, nice riffing again, interesting play between drums and bass while the guitar does the low Legato passage.

The huge full chords - The drums really annoy me here, which I must say isn't that bad considering most things I listen to on guitar pro, the drums annoy me during the entire song - I just think that the constant cymbals on each pulse gets really annoying and doesn't give off the proper atmosphere.

Perhaps the drums and bass could counterplay and add a groove underlying the chord passage, I think it would make it more interesting.

The next section that mimics the melody on guitar with the double picked notes really turns me on, I love that kind of riffing, I love the atmospheric droning of it, ultra simple yet it just flows so well and then the chords just crush you for the next part, before taking on some wanky guitar leads... pretty stuff, I really dig this entire section, it sounds grim, it has atmosphere, it's unique, and it's cohesive as a section. Plenty of pleasant twists and turns to it.

136 is a bit abrupt to bring on the end, I'm not sure about it - maybe an underlying atmosphere on the synths would tie together the staccato rhythms better.

Overall great song man, I really dig your composing style.

If you want you can check out one of my pieces in my signature, up to you.
Thanks for the large crit JazzDeath =). I agree with most of what you've said =)

Concerning the riff at 19, I agree that it does seem to go on too long, but I think that's mainly due to the lack of vocals. It sounds really good to me with the vocal line in there.

And yeah, unfortunately I'm not a drummer, so some of the drums I write turn out pretty bad at times lol.

I will definitely check out some of your stuff!