I'm trying to record my voice and computerise it like Cher on "Do You Believe In Love"

What do I need to get started - as cheap as possible?

Can I do it through reaper?
You need either Antares auto-tune or Celemony's Melodyne, both expensive plugins. I think there's something called gsnap for pc that'll be close, but it's not available for mac.
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If you have a toneport with a mic and cable then you can, easily. I personally use my toneport a lot, and there is a wide array of effects and things you can use on the vocal tone, and buying one doens't break the bank too much either.
I have a pod studio GX - so i can plug my mic in there and play around with pluggins?

What sort of mic do I need, I haven't got a mic yet.
Just any sort of mic really, try not to go too cheap if you're on a budget but you're definately better off getting a good one. Have a look around online or in music shops.

Not sure if a mic would work on your pod, you could always try with a jack inputted microphone, and apply a vocal tone to it.
Reaper has a built-in tuning plug-in, I think it's called ReaTune. I dunno how good it is for getting that effect, but I touched up some tuning using it and it sounded fine. I'd say it's worth messing around with anyway as it's free if you already have Reaper.
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using a toneport GX, you're going to need a preamp or a mixer with a preamp
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the GX only is an instrument input device...you may want to upgrade to something that offers that as well as at least one XLR mic input...

As for using the Line6 program for the auto-tune effect....cant be done but try ReaTune in reaper and see what you can do with it.