I read a lot of people saying not to remove all the strings at once when changing them. I want to refinish the top of my acoustic guitar (sand, stain, coat etc, but I don't want to get into that right now) and this would require probably a week's work. What I've read says it's ok to remove all the strings for less than a few minutes. A week is certainly more than a few minutes, and I don't want to damage my guitar by removing and replacing the strings a week later. Any ideas? I need full access to the body to be able to sand and seal it of course so having strings in the way is not an option. Thanks for any help! Peace
1) take all the strings off and if you're really paranoid, loosen the truss rod a bit to slacken any uneven tension on the neck. You'll be just fine

2) unless it's a really low-end acoustic, don't re-finish it. you're likely to severely dampen the tone if you don't have awesome finishing skills

Thanks. It's a Norman B20 Folk ($300-$500 range I think). It's second hand and has already been terribly re-done by the previous owner so it's pretty much a screw-around guitar at this point but that's the way I like them. I oddly enough don't like playing acoustic guitars that are in such great condition
that stuff about taking off strings all at once is a complete load but I would advise loosening the truss rod afterward if the neck is going to be string-less for more than a few days, as is the case.

at one point in my strat's life, it was in pieces in my room for about a week. i never loosend the truss rod. took almost another week just to get the neck playable again. strung it up and had to let it set for several days while tightening the rod little by little each day.
Thanks! How much would you actually loosen it? How many revs?
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Thanks! How much would you actually loosen it? How many revs?

Till it is loose. When you stop getting resistance when turning it, it is loose.
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