So I opened my online statement a couple of hour ago and found out that I have a 1,000 dollar "under process" transaction from a company that I've never heard of. I just called my bank and after 3 different "representatives" I was told that the only thing I can do now is block my card and wait until the transaction finished before I can file a fraud claim.

The first thing that I asked was "Couldn't you guys stop the transaction from happening since it is still processing? You know to prevent the damage." They say they cannot do it since they cannot contacted the company that scammed me.

I don't know that sounds like bs to me.

anyone with the same experience? and how long is this fraud claim going to be before I can get my money back?

oh i used bank of america btw

edit: yeah, I did cancel the credit card but i need to wait until around tuesday (when the transaction goes through) before I can do anything else
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Well, you should at least do you what you can.

Cancel that shit, son.
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I would switch banks. **** Bank of America
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I have a Bank of Montreal credit card, and the same thing happened to me last year. While I was on the phone with them, the guy who was scamming me actually tried making a transaction, but BMO refused to do anything about it. They wouldn't even call the store to tell them to stop the transaction. They just let him steal using my credit.

To be fair though, when I filed a fraud claim after that, they refunded me for every transaction I indicated I didn't make. See what happens with this, and don't be afraid to contact the police. Sometimes these companies need a little push from the authorities.
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