Listening right now.
Reminds me of quite a bit of Satriani. Backing music is well done, I like the bassline and the simple but effective rythm guitar. Might want to work a bit on the drums, the kick is barely audible, and in general they could use some more fills and variations. Lead tone is pretty good, and suits the style very well. Might want to cut back just a little on the delay, I think. I like the soloing, very Satriani-esque.

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Thanks... I just use a plug and play with the background music (Band in a Box)... pick a style of music, set the tempo and go for it. I'll turn the drums up a bit... they sounded a bit loud through my speakers for whatever reason (my speakers vs. your speakers, I suppose). Hooked on delay, I'll have to keep it in check, lol.
Your music certainly has a European flavor, if that makes sense. It simply sounds different and more progressive than most music in North America. The vocals reminds me of Kraftwerk... almost laid back, yet it gets its point across. Good combo by taking the more driven music and adding the ethereal vocals.
Definitely reminds me of Satriani in the start. The backing music is well done. At about 1:30 into it though, I feel my attention span getting tested because it all starts sort of sounding the same until like 1:45 where the (bridge?) comes in, which is done well. I keep expecting something really virtuoso-esque to happen, which you seem to pull out at about 2:15. The ending was pulled off quite well.

My only complaint about it is that I don't feel like it really delivered as an instrumental piece, but that could be because when I think about music that has a guitar solo as the instrument of focus, I think of something that that's either technical as all hell or I think of something that's very very emotional. This definitely had it's technical moments, but I don't know if it's enough to really hold on to someones attention. And of course, I could just be a fool who has no idea what he's talking about, which is very likely.

That being said, feel free to tear my music a new one:


Cool Story Bro, Shouts at Midnight, and The Desert are all instrumental pieces that you're welcome to condemn. You're definitely a better guitarist than me imo.
Your comment is well taken... I usually pop these songs out in 1-2 days at most. This song was based on the C7sus#5b9#11 chord... I punched in a somewhat obscure chord into a music program, came up with a repeating riff, and filled in the blanks. The focus was to improvise over a theme, which means developing variations on those themes (which is why certain aspects sound the same, but played a bit differently... not sure if that makes sense). I also find the ability to apply technical diversity is dependant on the beat or groove of the song. With this song (and it's style of music and the riff I chose), it did not lend, I felt, too much to technical diversity (or else I was bored with it and couldn't care less, lol). I could throw in all kinds of sweep picking, finger tapping, etc., but the song has an old style of rock guitar to it. Conversely, if you listen to my song Cyclops, it is a lot more 'all over the place,' including finger tapping in three areas.
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Jasper... the song Legend has a good celtic metal sound (if that is an actual genre... don't know). I always liked the celt style of music. The song is dramatic in nature, and the guitar solos should have a bit more balls (greater overdrive sound to the guitar... either that, or make it more ethereal). Also, many of the notes played on the guitar solos are around the same range of the singer's voice, particularly at the end... which makes it sound more mundane and drawn out... and without much expression or finale. I also listened to March. My only other complaint with the two songs (and mine may suffer from this as well, so bear with me), is that the range of notes that constitute the song are limited. That is one reason for adding more range to the lead solos, to make the songs sound more tonal and varied. I do think you're in the right direction... a lot of crappy music out there and your songs are breaking away from the traditional (insofar as pop music is concerned).
Just listened to Cyclops, and yeah, it was pretty awesome. And I never really considered what you mentioned about the two songs, but I'll probably start looking into that now. Thanks man!
You know what the problem is? I think everyone is prone to a type of tone deafness... sort of like... the ear becomes accustomed to what you do or write... a type of adaptation that almost prevents you from hearing the problems (as you indicated to myself with my song). That is why you have groups like Pink Floyd seeking out music producers (e.g., Alan Parsons) to get the right sound and song development out of the group. That is why I appreciate comments from this board... it's nice to have the ego stroked, but more important to hear what is wrong or potentially wrong.