Hello, im the new guy.

I am wondering if anyone has some NICE tabs for "Jisas Yu Holem" a soundtrack that was in thin red line.
Ive listened to the tab found here, but they are really not good enough, it sounds to simple if you know what i mean.

Here is the first cover on guitar ive heard but its not what im looking for because they are so many, i want to hear something made for 1 person.
Very beautiful though.


Here is the original song


And the instrumental version of the song


This is the most beautiful song ive ever heard. Is there anyone here that can make a beautiful cover of and make tabs for it? me and many other would love it!
Ive been looking for quite some time for some tabs for this one.
wow I have the same guitar as they do in the video lol I`ll try to learn that song
Aw poops. I ignored the words "nice" and "beautiful". My mistake. A simple arrangement for a desperate beginner, yes.