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Real Name: matthew james roskowski

Age: 21

Location: i am from green bay but moved to menomonie last winter for school.

Favourite Artists: sigur ros, dirty projectors, radiohead, amiina, modest mouse, beach house, the national, built to spill, sunset rubdown, tv on the radio, local natives, grizzly bear, the flaming lips, ect.

Most Inspirational Writer: ummm. fante, vonnegut, bukowski, palahniuk, dostoyevsky, vladimir nabokov, nick flynn. lately i've been getting into frank o'hara and a little bit into e.e. cummings. i still don't really read any poetry though.

Favourite poet/poem (published writer): probably bukowski, atleast some of his work. after awhile its like, i get the point. but my favorite poem is probably his poem 'i met a genius on the train today'.

If you could be any writer ever, who would you be: i always answer this question the same and say, when it comes down to it, myself, but maybe john fante.

If you could be any flavour, which would you be: i don't know how much i like this question, but probably blueberry.

Why Do You Write: so i don't go crazy. to exert creativity (that i may or may not have). to figure out who i am and am not. because i like/need to.

Favourite word(s): as far as words go, i'm indifferent. as far as images/themes go, lately its been a lot of whale imagery/themes as i am working on a little something (i don't know what it is yet). i also love writing about growing up and the naivety of teenage years.

Favourite Writer(s) on UG: i feel that there's as many good writers on UG right now as there's ever been. saadia is one of my favorites, matt (something_vague), culex (mat?), hippieboy (also named matt? i forget), ganoosh, randy, jimi...a few others i am sure i'm missing.

Most Helpful Critic: spike is always wonderful. his critiques are poetry in themselves.

What Do You Do Especially, to Find Inspiration: i sit. walk. read. listen to music. think. walk in the forest. drive around in a car. take a shower. eat. drink. anything really, so long as its something.

Your Most Recent Work and the Reason Behind It: ummmm. my most recent piece is 'before' which i posted yesterday. the reason behind it is my lovely girlfriend. i always say to her that she has ruined my poetry, as she has made me an incredibly cheesy human being. i forget what its like to be cynical and heartbreaking. maybe i should just break up with her for a week so i can write some good stuff again...but that piece was just about the future. about feeling/love/commitment/ect. nothing special i suppose, but its real.

Tips for Newer Writers: i believe i always say the same thing here. if you're writing poetry, forget about rhyming for awhile. it limits ideas (or can). don't try to be traditional or follow any format, just write whatever you feel. progress yourself. your identity. your emotions. and your writing will progress too.

What’s your goal in writing: to be myself. to convey my feelings and thoughts and hope that others can relate. i'd like to be published, but that means i have to stop being lazy and get organized, which i am hoping to do soon, as i feel i have enough poems that i actually like to put together in a book. we will see.

Final Comments or Thoughts: be yourself. don't try to hard. walk in a forest while listening to sigur ros on headphones before you stop breathing.

thanks everyone. i'm glad people still read what i write and i still greatly appreciate your feedback.

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yeee congrats!
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i think it's awesome how you put this up yourself. stickied and congrats!
congratulations. after rereading again i'm pretty certain you had the best month of any of us, so well deserved. Keep us updated on any sort of "project" you find yourself working on :p

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Congratulations! You've always been one of my favorite writers here and you had a great month. Well deserved.


I met a genius on the train
about 6 years old,
he sat beside me
and as the train
ran down along the coast
we came to the ocean
and then he looked at me
and said,
it's not pretty.

it was the first time I'd

The best Bukowski by far.
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
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i think bukowski's best poem is the man with the beautiful eyes
well done mr.
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bluebird is probably my favorite buk poem but all the other ones mentioned are excellent as well, but this thread isn't about bukowski, so congratulations matt, this was well-deserved and i'll be saving space on my bookshelf in hopes you do get around to releasing a collection.
dude ur from wisconsin too? respect
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