It was the heart of September,
and we had gotten a forecast of clear skies and t-shirt weather,
but it had been raining sporadically all day
and the cool air demanded a light coat.
The gentle country breeze carried the aroma
of fresh rain and fresher apple pie to my nose
as I sat on the old wooden bench
outside my grandparents' house
on the shore of a lake that was hardly a lake
and more a dramatized pond.

My grandmother was in the kitchen
sporting her Kiss the Cook apron and a wooden spoon,
brushing up on her baking skills for the upcoming Thanksgiving.
I was looking forward to the day, as I always did,
because that fourth Thursday in November
always promised a plethora of meats and pies
in generous helpings.

I watched the sun set at quarter to six,
modestly hiding behind a blanket of creamy gray clouds
on the opposite side of the lake.
It seemed even the sun couldn't wait for Thanksgiving
as she hurried toward tomorrow, and I felt a stab of envy
for all the days like this she must have seen.

I wondered if the sun had always set so early on a Sunday afternoon,
and if it was always this green after a good rain.
I wondered if the clouds were always so milky white in September,
and if cowboys were always named after their fathers.

The smell of apple and cinnamon and rain in my head,
and the wet grass between my toes - this was Heaven.
This was God's promised green justice,
His warm welcome embrace.
I hoped that Heaven really smelled of apple pies and rain,
and that Thanksgiving was always around the corner
on any Sunday afternoon in September.

That's all I have to say. I genuinely had fun reading this. Fall is my favorite season.
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
wow this was great, it had the power to take me out of this office and into the outdoors at my grandparents lake house... and seeing as I try to imagine my way out of work without success...it says alot about this piece
Thank you so much, guys. You can't begin to imagine how good it feels to be getting such great remarks on this piece. After years of writing in metaphors and bizarre imagery, I've only recently begun writing in this style, so it's amazing to hear that people enjoy it.
Loved it. Your imagery is wonderfully vivid. I especially liked the cowboy line, how it was so odd and sudden but at the same time totally fit.
kill all humans
Thank you. To be honest, while it was just a random thought I had while writing this piece, it ended up being my favorite line. I've always had a bit of an obsession with cowboys, and I guess the small mention kind of fit the style and tone, so I decided not to keep it (though I was originally going to scrap the line because of the lack of context.)

I can't believe people are still commenting on this. It's a relatively old piece by UG standards, where a piece is often forgotten the second it hits the second page. I'm very grateful for all of the positive feedback.