I’m really impressed with ReValver, and I’m pretty sure I can get by on the $70 HP version. I’m not planning to use it for more than practice at home, mostly with headphones, and won’t be doing any more recording than maybe recording myself in Garageband (which I do not want to keep using for VST). If I’m happy with the Revalver HP demo is are there any ugly drawbacks I need to know about before buying?
Afaik the only drawback is that you only get the Peavey amps, ie no Marshall or Mesa models. There are also about half the amount of stompboxes and speaker simulation (but really, use free speaker impulses instead they are much better surprisingly).

EDIT: Oh and I don't think you can use revalver hp as a standalone, but that does not matter at all, you're better off using a DAW with voxengo boogex to load impulses.
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