I used to love this video of a guitar performance, some years back, but I am not able to remember which one it was now. I will leave a brief description of the video and hopefully at least one of you will know which one I am talking about.

* I am 80% sure that it was by Eddie Van Halen, rest 19% either Steve Vai or Joe Sat.

* It's a short one, maybe about 4 minutes long.

* It's an old video, probably around mid to late 70s.

* If I remember right, the video's filename was "Summer Jam" or something like that.

* There is crazy, crazy finger tapping, sliding etc in it.

* The setup seemed to be small, no stage as such, but a few musicians in the front, and a audience cheering them.

* The bass guitarist holds his guitar at the same level as his chest.

* The guitarist looks damn sexy playing it (and this coming from me, a straight guy).

* Although he plays it very fast, the feel of it is what astounds you. It seems like he knows his guitar better than himself. (vague, I know)

If this video wasn't that great, I wouldn't have created a new topic for it. The description I gave was vague, but I hope someone knows what I am talking about.

Thank you.
I like guitar...