I need it for recording, primarily for vocals and mic-ing my guitar cab. I was looking at the MXL MXLV63M. Any suggestions?
UNDER 100 or can you go FOR 100? I would look at the Golden Age Project FC1 mk. ii. That thing is EXCELLENT for the money.
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I'm going to say. MXL 990
i think UG should have a sub forum to the gear ads... for like recording equipment. not just guitars and amps and that stuff
I hear good things about the Studio Projects B1.. They cost $100
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I'm going to say. MXL 990

Another vote for the Golden Age. They sound pretty awesome compared to most/all of the competitors in the price range and even above.
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I'm going to say. MXL 990

Heh, that mic was the biggest waste of $60 ever.

Golden Age FTW
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There's a Carvin condenser which I heard is really good for about 100 bucks.

EDIT: http://www.carvinguitars.com/products/single.php?product=CM-87S&cid=79

check it man, its 30 bucks more, but why not?
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I'm the guy who discovered the Golden Age at my local shop and got everyone here hooked, and I have to say the thing rocks. I've been using it consistently for a year or two now, and I love it. Check out the demo on my page, also:
www.purevolume.com/erinruth where all vocals and acoustic guitar were done with the GA.
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Any $100 mic is going to be a waste of money. See if you can find a sennheiser K3 with ME40 on ebay. It got a 3 way bass cut and good dynamic range

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I'm going to have to respectfully disagree here. I just recorded some voice over for a 3 million dollar film that's a little tight on money for post production. I recorded them with a $100 AT-2020. They were supposed to be scratch tracks that were to be rerecorded at a "real" studio. They ended up being keepers.