I'd just like to get general opinions on my voice so I decided to sing the chorus to Love the Way You Lie by Rihanna/Eminem to just give a quick clip.

Link - http://www.muziboo.com/Kai193/music/love-the-way-you-lie-chorus/

I haven't had any tuition or whatnot in case anyone asks, so really I'm just curious about what outsiders think of my voice... Seeing as it's hard to judge your own.
i thought maybe a little too much vibrato in some notes and maybe went a little off key in the miiddle but ive never sung or been in vocal training whatsoever so i could be wrong
but i think you have a good voice too with practice on keeping long notes sustained better
Thanks for the constructive feedback. I've just had lots of people on other forums telling me I'm terrible and REALLY out of tune
i dont sing either, but i think you're a little sharp on the notes that are a little louder. you could try figuring out the vocal part on guitar, and singing a long with it. record it and see where you are. i've tried to sing before and the only way i sounded in tune was if i played a note in tune is if i literally sit there and just tried to tune to the desired pitch just like you were tuning your guitar. then did one note at a time. it takes forever so i decided it'd be too much work. but thats how i did it and if you want it enough you'll do it. (im not a pro, not telling you you HAVE to do it, there are probably better methods, but im just sharing my experience)
"The most important thing about music is energy and emotion, not how well you can play. Technique should be a tool to achieve your vision, not the other way around."
-Jeff Tuttle

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