how do you stop using your swallowing muscles when you try to sing, i say try 'cause no way in hell you can call what i've been doing singing but that's another issue.
i've heard of starting singing as soft as quiet as you can and working your way up in volume among other stuff but any help you can give
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Try imagining the sound is coming from your stomach. I find if you put slight pressure on your stomach while you are singing, it comes from below instead of your head voice (your swallowing muscles). When you sing a relatively low note, you can feel it from your stomach. You should try to work your way up, similar to what you said about volume, but with pitch of the note. You want the feeling you got from singing a low note to happen when you start to go higher. Although eventually you will have to "break" when you start to go into your head voice. If you want to sing higher without "breaking" (going into your head voice) try starting to sing louder as you get higher. Hope this helps!
I'm by no means a good singer, but just singing along with songs in my car has helped my range increase DRAMATICALLY, and I had the same problem you did. For me, it feels like my throat is closing when I sing for an extended period of time, so I assume that's what you mean. The best way to condition your throat to not do that is to sing kind of breathy to get used to pushing the air out through your lungs without augmenting the sound with your throat. And try to sing CLEARLY without any rasp in it. I've been doing that for about a year as practice and now I can hit notes I couldn't otherwise even come close to. Hopefully this helps.