I'm sure whatever level of a player you are you have experience your hands being sore at some point wheather you were player Chords,Legato or just playing hard.Whats the best way to relax your hands after a long period of practice?
Donnell McKnignt
For me personally, it's not just when I'm playing; my hands hurt all the time, like they're frozen. So usually I run them under warm/hot water for a minute or so and it takes care of it.
When I am playing however, I usually do stretches with my fingers, arms, shoulders, etc., to ensure that there is no cramping.
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also, keep your hands warm, and simpley take a break.
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forst off, when your hands get sore, just stop playing. you need to stop and relax your hands. they should not be tense. if they are you are going to hurt yourself, both physically and progressively, so don't put unnessisary strain on the tendons and muscles....

to relax your hand make a fist, then spread out your fingers do this over and over, then when you start to play your guitar, make sure you dont have any pain in either hand, also make sure your hands are not tense. If your hands are tense or are in pain, put down your guitar and try again. practice holding the guitar without tension and pain and this should pretty much go away....

when your hands get sore from playing too long, it's your bodys way of saying stop to whatever you are doing, so stop.