Hi guys.There is very nice solo from some old russian song.some sayin' that it sounds very similar to Hotel California,but i'd say that this one sounds even better.it seems to be not that complicated,but i'm just starting playin guitar and want to learn this one pretty bad.checked all russian guitar forums and couldnt find any tabs for it.please try to tab this one.

Link doesn't work.

The key to figuring out a solo is to start with the chords. There are three basic types of solo techniques:

Melodic - usually slower, it's a series of notes, often similar or identical to the vocal melody

Arpeggiated - tracing out the chords with single notes, and if you know the chords this is easier to figure out, though the technique takes practice

Pattern-based - most speedy licks are simply a few notes (usually 3-5) repeated in rapid succession. It could be a hammer-pulloff pattern, or an extended walk through the notes of the scale.

If you can start to analyze it like that it starts to demystify it. If something is really really fast then don't worry about it yet. Fill in with some palm-muted strums until you figure it out. Start with the melodic bits and figure out that main theme.

The melodic part is the most important anyway!

Skip the arpeggio parts - they are the ones that seem to jump around between notes. Once you know it you will hear it, they move low to high very quickly.

Pattern-based bits are tricky, but with repetition you can almost always nail it. These are never as hard as they sound, and when you finally nail it you'll think, "That's all it was?!"

Good soloing is really about taking a few simple ideas and hiding their simplicity behind a series of notes that is too quick to get your mind around. It sounds insane because your mind can't process it quickly enough.

It's a lot like Magic, really. Slight of hand. It's never as difficult or mysterious as it seems at first.
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