I wanted to get a new guitar and I've posted here before for advice on a new 7 string but after playing my friend's brother's 7 string I just didn't like the way it felt AT ALL...the neck was waaay to wide, it was a PAIN to play anything on the 7th string in the upper frets. Also the choice of aftermarket pickups for 7 strings is VERY limited. So I've decided to FCK it and get a good old 6 string. E Standard FTW.

So I play a lot of metal. A bit of jazz. A bit of blues. A lot of rock.

I'm looking for a guitar with a double cutaway Les Paul style body (I just like the shape) and a 25.5" scale length preferably, I'm just used to it.

22 frets AT LEAST...I'd prefer 24 though. X Jumbo if possible.

No Floyds please!

No active pickups please, my band's rhythm guitarist uses EMG 85/60 and it sounds too compressed for me. My (current) guitar on the other hand has STOCK passives and I like it much better than his.

Price range is around 700 USD maybe?

Give me your wisdom oh UG!!!!

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prs custom 24 se 25th aniversary

Haha you beat me. This is probably the closest you will get TS
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Does it have a fixed bridge?

Sorry I edited my OP only now. I'd like fixed bridges. I don't like tremolos at all..
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Hey, is there a MIA Fender HSS Strat for 700 bucks? I saw something on the Fender website..is that guitar good?

EDIT: Okay I don't mind trems...I just hate Floyds
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Actually I saw a gibson double cutaway les paul studio at my guitar center. It was used at $629 and a little beat up but nothing a good cleaning wouldn't fix up. So if you like the double cut shape and you seem to play a bit of everything really I think you'd be pretty happy with one.
Of course I try to avoid used guitars because I can't help but notice everyone seems to beat the living shit out of their gear when I'm browsing used.
So in that case PRS custom 22 or 24 SE would be a great guitar. And unless it's no longer true they're trem and fixed bridge options.
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