I purchased the amp probably 4 months ago, and today it turned off while I was playing. The light does not come on when I try to turn it on. I removed the fuse thinking that was it. I have not replaced it. I was wondering if someone had the same problem before I get a replacement fuse. HELP ME OUT
Are you using the standby and power switches properly? Does everything seem to be connect and secure? Did you smell anything hot or smokey? Did you try a different outlet?

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If it did blow a fuse, chances are there's a good reason for it. If you replace it and it blows again, take it in for service. Unfortunately, Bugera is well known for having quality issues. The problem may be a bad tube.
yeah I use the switches properly. I tried different outlets and my power strip. Tubes seemed fine as usual. would a guitar center be able to order the part?
im not sure there is an area for a cylinder type fuse in the back. i only see one, but I could be looking past another area