The quality is pretty bad, which kinda takes away from everything. What's your setup look like? That aside, you have some cool riff ideas, but right now it doesn't flow as a song -- it's just a bunch of riffs put together. I'd get a free drum machine to help bring everything together, as well as work on transitioning between your riffs.

For only playing 9 months and self taught, I think you're off to a really strong start. Just continue to develop your ideas then work to mold them into one cohesive piece.
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Yeah the cohesiveness of the song is the weakest part of it, and yeah the quality is bad too. My setup is a first act distortion pedal a johnson guitar and a kustom amp. Hopefully getting new stuff soon so i can actually SOUND good.. :/
What kind of mic or does the amp have a line out or something? One thing that will help with the tinny, thin distorted tone would be turning down your drive and high/lows and then double tracking and panning one hard left and one hard right. When the two tracks play together the distortion will increase and you'll get a heavier sound without it being a mess (All my recordings have the drive at 5 on distorted tones).

If you're looking for an inexpensive setup for home recording, I'd highly recommend the Line 6 Pod Studio UX1. You can get some killer tones with Pod Farm and the quality is pretty professional.
Let's party.
My mic is just a generic in computer mic.. And thanks for the advice about cutting down on distortion cause if theres one thing i need help on the most it would be tone.