I can hardly play the guitar! The symptoms are tingling in the little and ring finger, and the loss of strength and coordination in these fingers.

I had this in one hand a few years ago, and the Doc told me that it was a "pinched nerve" probably in my neck, elbow or wrist. He told me that that surgury was a last resort, because that option was not guarenteed to work, and could cause problems worse than the original one. He told me that it would probably go away in a few weeks, and he was right.

Well, I woke up two weeks ago and now I have it in both hands! I can barely hold a bar of soap, button my pants or shirts, or play the guitar! I'm guessing that it's in my neck, because I have it in both hands, and not just one.

Anyone else have or ever heard of this crap?
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Oh gawd, no. it's not that bad yet. Now how can you chord or hold a pick with that ish going on! Actually it seems to be getting better, but I'm not sure if that's just because I'm gettting used to it and getting better at compensating for it. It's nopt getting worse, thankfully. How the **** do I just wake up with this ish? Gotta be a neck wound.
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