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26 34%
38 50%
I detest or love both equally.
12 16%
Voters: 76.
The title says it all really, just a thread to discuss which you prefer and why. I was thinking about it earlier today and decided that I shall ask The Pit for their opinions. I imagine general consensus will be film, but I have heard some people say they prefer television, so I think this may be a nice healthy debate. This isn't a versus thread. This isn't a thread where you need to scream your opinions at the top of your lungs and tell people who disagree with you they're wrong and should die in a hole. It's just a thread with some nice debate over the topic hand, and a poll.

Personally, I'd have to say I like films more. I think that television has the potential to be on par with full length movies, and I like the way the television is delivered in small chunks, but I just don't think that television has yet realized it's potential. Granted, about the only show I watch is House and according to a lot of people in and out of The Pit I need to start watching The Wire, Dexter, Firefly, and some other things, so I'm not what one could call an expert in that area. I think television is better for comedies than movies usually are, but for most other genres I think it still needs to grow.

Your thoughts?
movies are good but usually have a limit to how long it can go. no one's gonna watch a 10 hour film. TV can give you a Long-lasting show split into seasons/episodes. i prefer TV
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Ill take movies anyday.

Tv requires 30 minute shows that contain continuations, and censoring.

Movies do their thang.
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Shit meant to select movies but accidentally hit TV...A lot of movies can actually tell you something about life. Most TV shows just distract you from it.
I'd say tv is better. Way more character development (in some shows at least), and the stories can become much more detailed than many movies. Story lines can last longer than an entire season of episodes in some cases.

Plus with tv you keep getting new material. You can watch a movie many times, and you might notice new things each time, but it doesn't compare to tv. Each week you are presented with new material.
TV, movies tend to get drawn out, at which point I leave.
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I like both. Watching a movie is usually a social event (i usually dont watch movies alone), while watching TV is nice alone time. I usually play guitar without an amp while watching TV... great way to practice sweeps :P
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Movies unless I'm watching something I like. I don't generally love sifting through 100 channels of garbage crap like Flavor of Love or The Bachelor.
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love both equally
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TV all the way.
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i find i dont have the attention span for long movies. plus in a good tv you get really in depth character development. i find myself much more attached to tv characters than film characters
Television. I can't watch football at the movies.
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Television has a lot more potential, however it hasn't yet been realised. I'm for Television more because movies always leave me wanting more, there are less opportunities for serious character development.
I enjoy a good movie from time to time, but I hate watching TV. It's all on a schedule and it is often censored. And I just don't like the concept of TV, but I understand its appeal.
I'd watch a good TV show over a good movie anyday. There's just so much more depth.
I prefer television series (even though I don't actually watch them on TV) as they have alot more time to flesh out characters and the plot in a favourable and more efficient way, unlike films which have a limited amount of time to provide both of these in one sitting.
I have no strong opinion one way or the other.
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Out of the two, I think movies are a better visual medium. I love the art of cinema. It's what I voted for.

But, at the same time, television has/needs to be CONSTANTLY good, from week to, and year to year. Only the best TV shows hold up with time, or have the ability to (like Firefly, Pushing Daisies, etc.).

I think TV is the harder of the two to get right, but I think film is the better of the two, if that makes sense.
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