Never played one but those specs look awfully nice.
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They look like pretty cool guitars. But I'd want different pickups such as some passive ones like dimarzio or seymour duncans.
They seem to be good guitars with an undeserved weak reputation. Laguna guitars aren’t easy to find anywhere but Guitar Center, where they’re piled up in starter packs with Spider amps, leading some people to believe that they’re GCs store brand. Laguna also uses woods native to China for some of the models produced in China, and I think that doesn’t help with the cheap-store-brand confusion; but if you think about it they’re probably better woods than some of the junky plywood bodies used by more respected guitar makers.
I never played a bad one. Even their cheaper models play very nicely and have a really nice sound for the most part.
I've played two, each at Guitar Center. One was like playing a bundle of firewood with rusty nails and fishing line thrown on; the other was like God's gift for guitarists on budget.

I don't know how their typical guitar is, but those two average out to decent.
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:] Im glad theres some people out there that like that :] thanks, Ive been playing mine for a while and i have to say, its the sexiest thing ever.

My favorite so far besides the Greg Howe model. Tremendous action and tuning stability, and that maple neck is SMOOTH as butter!
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I am not crazy about them, I wish they would try something different than Strat shapes but all the ones I have tried were decent but I didn't like the LFR equipped versions the fixed/hardtails were the ones I liked the best.

I would pick a Laguna over several big brands like LTD, Fender, Squier and the lower end and some of the better Ibanez guitars.

The best Laguna I have played so far was the LE200Q. Laguna guitar are exclusive to the parent company that owns GC and a couple of the online retailers so you will not find them anywhere else but GC, Musicians Friend, Music 123 and Musicians.com. GC will match any price so if you bring them in a copy of a lower price from any of those dealers they will sell you the guitar for the same price or less.

Every once in a while GC has some decent mark downs on Laguna or they send you a good coupon with their monthly mailing.