Originally my Jackson Js30 Rhoads was in gloss black, and i was getting tired of it, getting dirty with fingerprints and stuff, so i decided to give it a respray for sumthing to do, i was originally planning to paint it white, coz they looked good in white, but i thought, why not do sumthing different

so i resprayed it in silverburst

i did the back first to test it, but i made the black line a bit too thick on the back

did the front but made the black edge thinner

a shot of it with the rest of the family :P

i reckon it came out really good, only prob is the pickups caught a bit of the silver from when i was spraying the back (how i dont know lol)

(dont worry bout the funny lookin bed sheet lol, its made of silk, very smooth XD)
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good work! and nice collection!
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