My band just recorded two tracks, really hope you like them! Warning - we do play pop punk!

C4C of course.

Become a friend of the band if you like us enough, we appreciate every single one we get and it means so much to us.


EDIT: Singers been replaced now!
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I'm not particularly fond of the vocalist. Between the two songs I preferred "It's Your Song." I'm a sucker for the screamo stuff going on around 2:20 til the end with the singing and screaming in the background. I also thought it was a lot more interested than "My Head," which had a bit of an annoying chorus, in my opinion. Though the end with multiple vocal lines was a redeeming factor. They're both pretty solid songs and not a bad demo!
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Listening to My Head now
Like the intro guitar riff. The arrangement, while not being very surprising, works. The volume on the vocals seem a little too low in the first verse. Generally, the instruments feel much better than the vocals, but compositionally and performance-wise. The chorus sounded much better with backing vocals - I'd consider doing them at every chorus, instead of just the last one.

Now listening to It's Your Song
Arrangement feels a little more original on this. Here, though, you really need to work on the vocals. The vocals sound very out of tune, which becomes very prominent with such a soft backing. Also, the melody itself sounds very wierd.
The screaming sounded much better than the regular vocals, IMO.

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^^ lol. Didn't like Tsters comment on yours huh.

I really liked these songs man. Heaps.

My Head - backing vocals in choruses

Its Your Song - Powerful. Loved it.
what did you guys use to record? Do you have the tracks individually?
i think UG should have a sub forum to the gear ads... for like recording equipment. not just guitars and amps and that stuff
"My Head": I like the song/song writing. On a few spots, the guitar playing could be tighter, but most of the time it's fine. Singing could be better. Overall audio quality is pretty good. I think the audio quality is a bit better on "It's Your Song". On that song, the vocals sound best with screaming or whispering, though I'm not much of a fan of most screaming vocals (so I'm not saying the singer should start screaming all of the time). Both songs are pretty good, but the singer needs some work. Please review my music at this link:

Replace the singer. No way around it, has to be done if you want the band to have any success ever.

Also: You may wanna practice more/do more takes/ use ProTools features to correct instrument tracks that aren't tight (especially drums and guitar). Also, it sounds kinda trashy/live/not multitrack, maybe you should consider recording a clean signal to PT and then use plugins for effects, which I'm guessing is not how you did it...?

Sorry if my criticism sounds harsh, just trying to help.
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Feedback much appreciated.

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