So I've started listening to boy bands lately. Mostly 'N Sync. I know it's a bit faggish, But for some reason I really like their music. I think it's a little goofy that my three favorite bands right now are Mastodon, Opeth, and *NSYNC.

I didn't know what was going on with the music scene yet in the late 90's and I feel like I missed out on that whole teen star craze shit. I guess that's good, because if I liked them then it probably would have ruined my view of them now and I'd really miss out on some good music and solid talent.
I was watching a new(ish) show on nickelodean, Big Time Rush. It's about a boy band (BTR) trying to make it big time in LA. Well, I found myself loving that too, even though it's meant for twelve year old girls.
I love everything about this genre, except being called gay every time someone looks at my iPod. Some assholes say that seriously too. I just don't see how you can make a general decleration about somebody like that because of what they find enjoyable to listen to.

So back to the point now; how lame is it that I like Boy Bands?
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backstreet boys are a whole lot better.


but i guess that could be considered "just my opinion"

it's not lame. it's music. it's art(although that will be debated). if you find something you like about it, who's to say it's bad?
The Backstreet Boys are just a few handsome dudes. With the exception of I Want It That Way being an amazing song, I think it was their image that made them make sales.

And I like the comments; a lot better than the "olololollolo1l ur a fag" I was expecting .
Both Backstreet and N'SYNC get some playtime on my dorm's sound system

I've also seen N'SYNC live twice. First time Lil' Bow Wow opened for them. It was before he was famous
N*SYNC is overall a better group than Backstreet Boys (how could it not be with JT?), but Backstreet Boys did do I Want It That Way, as previously mentioned.

Other 90s teenie-bopper music to check out: Destiny's Child, TLC, LFO, and maybe some 98°.
Yes! I love Destiny's Child also!

And I really wish 'n sync were still together so i could see them live; it seemed like their music was getting progressively better. But Justin Timberlake's Future Sex/Lovesounds was a masterpiece and I wouldnt have that glorious collection of music to listen to if he never left.
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Yes, I'm serious.
They've got a lot of catchy tunes, and between the five of them they probably had just as much, if not more, talent and skill than any artists you could mention.
I don't mean to be pissey, but you probably feel the same way when someone says what you listen to is terrible sounding and just sensless screamming.
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the only things i strongly remember from the 90s music 'scene' were Spice Girls, Carola, Vengaboys, and Michael Jackson's Blood On The Dance Floor. people at my school at the time were talking about Backstreet Boys and Westlife, but i didn't really pay much attention.
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Justin Timberlake is pretty awesome, but for some reason I can't stand N Sync.

it's because JT actually makes decent pop music and N Sync... didn't.