ok so my buddy bought mine and his tickets from a ticketmaster outlet to go to the Epic Center concert in Cali sunday. but like and idiot he washed our tickets in his laundry. now our tickets are destroyed and wrinkly. we tried calling the customer service line but they're closed for the rest of the night.

we're leaving tonight and was wondering if anyone of you guys know if we can somehow prove we still bought the tickets to still get in the concert? or have anyone you guys been through something like this and dealt with the ticketmaster customer service? and the outcome if we're screwed or if there's a light of hope. thanks
Quote by GogglesVK
Insert them into your anus.

It's the only way.

If you read the fine print, the last line CLEARLY states that "Insertion of any TicketMaster tickets into the anus will result in loss of entry to the event".

Gosh, read once in awhile!