So the first guitar is a Gibson Les Paul studio deluxe with the sexiest wood I've seen for $980.00. The second is a Gibson Les Paul Standard for $1,200.00. Which is a better deal?
studios are Gibson's bottom line. They're still Gibsons, don't get me wrong. I have one and love it. But the Standard is slightly better as implied by its larger price tag.
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The standard is gonna have better pickups, higher quality craftsmanship, and binding. The studio is a stripped down version so I'd go with the standard. You should go with whatever one feels and sounds best to you though.
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are they both new? any accesories with them (case)?

my inclination would be to go with the standard; the seem to be a little better put together than the studio's and almost always seem to be made out of better chunks of wood. that being said, gibson has some well documented consistency issues in regards to the finishing of guitars. i would try both and buy whichever feels better in you hands.
they both are used and come with a hard shell case. I cant try the studio deluxe because its in Virginia and im in california. The other is about a 2 hour drive. But the studio looks incredibly beautiful. I put a picture of it below. But the standard will be harder to save up for since im still in high school. I have about $1,000 now.
studio deluxe.jpg