This is a song I recently wrote for my band, as you can tell it's about the world literally ending

Constructive critism please


Dystopia – Awakened Inferno

Verse 1
Grim Horizons show shattered dreams
Wretchedness fills the skies
Corruption rising, if not at its peak
Portraying the human demise
An aura reflecting only pain and death
Caused by defiant authority
The human race, the distinguished power
Have collectively framed Armageddon

Pre Chorus
Pain! They are not sympathetic
Greed! All they do is lust for more
Into oblivion we all march
Fury! Anguished from our current state
Poverty! We have all been brought to it
All our fates have been decided

Now our leaders have failed, we cannot prevail
Or bring insurrection to this place
We have all played on to, this ultimate downfall
As our minds were oblivious
A great apocalypse, sends us into abyss
We are all surely doomed now
Once, what seemed like Utopia is now defiled
Look at it now
This, Is, Dystopia

Verse 2
Murdering our surroundings, these diminished harbingers do
A premonition thought that could not be
Has chose its time to come through?
The raging waters show no remorse
As they’re angered by their greedy minds
This world truly fades away
Devoured by the tides
The title is the name of the second album by the band Hourcast.
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