Alright, so I'm using this thing, and it's pretty decent, though I might have it set up crappily.
K, so how I have it is Amp > UCG > Laptop
I am using a Ibanez TBX65R amplifier, and I have the settings perfect, so I get an awesome tone.
But when I record it onto Audacity (I have the UCG as the mic)
the tone seems kinda muddied. When I palm mute say 2-3-5 on the A string, you can't hear the notes very well, just the palm mutiniesss..? Lol I hope you understand what I tried to explain.
Does anyone know how to fix this?
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The UGC is more made for plugging a guitar directly into it...not running an amp into it. It could be it doesnt like the higher gain from the amps signal path or that the two products are digital and sometimes that can clash.

The preamp and ADA converter in that Behringer unit are not the best either and so you will get a more muddy tone than a $150-200 interface.

You can try to correct to a point with EQ but as always, Crap in = Crap out......
you may have great tone, but as soon as it hits that cheap interface, it turns to crap