This is my friend's song. He's crazy about it. I think he should change some bits,but he doesn't want to. What do you guys think?

Do you think that the kind of stuff that blows you away,
Will be the death of you some day,
Did you know that the people in the sky are fuses,
To light the bomb on the ground,
And half the time there's murder,
There's always double death,
Do you think you can survive,
Just by holding your breath,
You know it's quite possible that life is just a dream,
Or maybe we're living on big cloud of steam,
Lets look into the eyes of the crystal ball of fate,
And see if you can save them,
Or is it just too late,
You can climb a mountain,
You can dig a hole,
But either way,
Life is still dull,
Do you really think the time is right,
To get on a plane,
Or are you drowning underwater,
Wile going insane,
Do you wanna get high,
And float away on a river,
Or is there something in the water,
That takes you deeper.

I'm new to this stuff, but it looks like it hasn't got meaning. He said he was trying to write like Pink Floyd, but they lyrics that they wrote actually meant something to them, no matter how trippy. This is just weird for weird's sake. What do you guys think?
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it sounds like he's trying to rhyme some words just for the sake of it, like 'big cloud of steam' doesn't really make sense...I'd agree with you on the lack of meaning, it sounds too artificial to be trippy like some Pink Floyd...I think lyrics that don't have much meaning are even harder to craft because they need to read well. but that's just my opinion, they aren't awful