Notes of a G chord?

G, B, D.

Unless that's not what you're asking?
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Sorry having trouble understanding what you are asking here

Are you looking for notes that can be played between chord changes to give a walking bassline feel? So that the bass 'travels' from one chord to the next?
1. Identify your key.
2. Figure out the scale that fits with the key, that's usally pretty easy -if you're in the key of C major then you're probably using the C major scale.
3. Find the notes that match the roots of the chords you're using.
4. use the notes of the scale that occur between two chords. Technically you can use any notes, don't be afraid to use chromatic steps if you like the sound, but for something that sounds pleasing to the average listener you probably want to primarily stick with stuff that fits nicely with conventional melody and harmony.
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