I'm between these two axes and I cant decide which one I'd take, I NEED SOME OPINIONS please mates!

So, the next family member will be: the legendary Ibanez JPM-1 (very rare and hard to find) or Petrucci's current custom model by music man (the one with all yummies, for example piezo).

They both are around 2000 euros. JPM-1 is of course used and its from 90's, it has few scratches but nothing too big. Musicman is brand new.

Should I go for the JPM-1, or is it too risky to buy 20 year old guitar?
The Ibanez JPM's are great guitars, no doubt about it, but in terms of playability, the EBMM is much better. The Ibanez are more collectors guitars now, if you want something to play regularly, I'd go for the MusicMan, they're just better guitars (especially if you were going for the BFR, but the regular JP is still better than the Ibanez)